Vin Et Francais A Tailored French Experience

Presentation of aromas Aromas most often encountered in wine


Aromas are used to identify and understand the complexity of a wine. Naming them correctly is essential in tasting. The aromas classified by family allow you to classify them, to better remember them.

Aromas and sensations in your glasses Tasting and identification


We will assist you in identifying the aromas hidden behind the complexity of your wine, from family to sub-family to the exact name of the aroma. Step by step, you will be able to suggest a greater number of aromas allowing you to describe the aromatic bouquet of your wine.

Let's do it in French ! Aromatic vocabulary and taste sensations


On the palate, the wine not only delivers an aromatic message. In tasting, aromas and textures are absolutely inseparable. Imagine how rewarding it is to finally truly express your sensations when you are looking for or tasting a wine in France !