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Your needs are our starting point.

French Tutor for Students

Less painful, more playful: the full French school program of your child taught in an interactive way, for students in French or Swedish schools.

Communicating in French

Conversation-based French teaching for non-natives which will put a smile on your face ! Any age; any level.

Professional French

Wherever your starting point, increase your proficiency in French in your professional domain.

Why us

A different kind of learning.

Wine & French

Conversational French meets wine in a laid-back manner.

Boost your grade !

Become proud of your achievements.

Get confident in conversation

Build relationships with native speakers.

SOS French

When time is of the essence.

A new approach to learn languages

Immerse yourself in the language when experiencing problem-solving. Know more about how we do things differently by reading this translated article:"Stéphane Le Ruyet is one of the five finalists for the 2021 French Expats Trophies in the Education category, sponsored by CNED, The French Distance Learning Center. " Here is the original version of this French press release

Destination "Career"

French speaking at a professional level. Special services for job-seeking. Cultural proficiency.


Our journey to a better learning experience.

  • 2000-2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Since our first professional experience as a French teacher with the Alliance Française of Caracas in 2000, my last professional steps led me to Stockholm a few years ago. Progressively teaching out of traditional school, I decided to be an entrepreneur in teaching my native language to people from the point of view of a native.

  • May 2016

    Discovering Sweden

    In order to find how our Swedish students of all ages like to learn, which specific problem they can meet with French language, we carefully crafted our language courses, using often games as a comprehensive medium. With the growing success that we met, we decided to go a step further in our adventure!

  • September 2018

    Tailored French ™ AB is born

    In 2018, we formulated our offer as Tailored French: French teaching tailored to the needs of every learner, from the student to the executive, from the individual to the company.

  • September 2020

    A new concept

    We offer new concepts to learn French, in a creative and exciting settings! We combine experiences with teaching. Stay tuned !

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Who we are

As far from a classroom as you can imagine.

Stephane Le Ruyet

Stéphane Le Ruyet

Course Designer and Teacher

Tailored French

Tailored French

Registrerad för F-skatt

Erika Nord

Erika Nord

Administrator and Advisor

For those who need it we offer teaching that follows French or Swedish school program. For those who are tired of traditional teaching we offer courses outside of the classroom in a French context. We speak Swedish, French, English and Spanish and have specialist knowledge in Geopolitics, History and Wine. Consequently we offer courses focused on these domains.